Friday, September 26, 2014

In Search of Wildflowers

Our Autumn Wildflowers are colorful and interesting. I usually find at least one new thing each season.  I found two today.

When I go to look for wildflowers, I usually go to the north end of the farm where there's less cultivation. I was not out of the yard before I found this Centrosema, species undetermined. 

Actually I found it when I went to throw spoiled veggies in the old stock tank that I used for composting. 

Emerging from the leaf mold in front of the compost bin 
were pinkish mushrooms that I have not yet tried to identify.

A last look at the butterfly pea.
This one is pink, unlike the blue ones I see at woods' edge.

Usually I just make one huge post with all the wildflowers I found. This week I think I'll make short posts featuring a single flower or two.

I though this was interesting, I'd never seen a grapevine climb a tree by grabbing onto Spanish moss. Muscadines are agressive climbers.

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  1. I love the pictures of the Spanish moss, one of the things I love about the South.

    I probably couldn't survive the heat, but I do love seeing and reading about your area.
    Great re-use on the old stock tank. I think we have one of those.....really a big one and probably more in the on-farm dump.


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