Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rhodofiala bifida, my Favorite Fall Bulb

Last week I despaired of seeing blooms this year. Somehow they managed.

Oxblood Lilies. Foliage appears after bloom, dies in spring.

A native of Argentina, these lilies like a little dry period and then copious amounts of rain like comes with a hurricane. Last week I watered them very, very well and then we got 2.5 inches of rain. 

I started out with a single bulb from Janie Varley. These flowers are very popular in Texas.  Some in another bed show no signs of bloom. I think they do that every year.

I like calling them by the botanical name Rhodofiala.
The exotic name just rolls off the tongue.


  1. Those are wonderful!

    It's hard to believe we are into September already.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. They are a gorgeous color! I haven't checked but I suspect they are too 'exotic' for my clime.

  3. Gorgeous! (And your flowers are pretty too.) Rhodofiala is new to me and I love it paired with purple. It looks so very rich and royal!

  4. They are attractive, but needed a little more water than I could give them. I should use in some designs...I have a few residences that may work?

    Good description of of how they like hurricane deluges to follow dry and hot...usually like late summer here, but not lately. That is a nice name - Rhodofiala...

  5. A great plant I learned from virtual and actual travel to the green, eastern parts of my new state! I like the word "Rhodofiala", too, and your description of "a little dry period and then copious amounts of rain". How you got your

    My former oxblood lilies were promising, but I could not seem to water enough to establish them during an exceptional dry period. ..but I do have some home gardens on the board, where I will have idrip irrigation. Must try them in the right place.


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