Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Un-Successes: the Herb Wheel

At summer's beginning, I planned and planted an Herb Circle, hopeful of one that looked something like all the ones I'd Pinned.

In June:
Clockwise from upper left: Dwarf Marigolds, Thyme, 
Parsley, Garlic Chives, Oregano and Lemon Grass.

Dwarf, the marigold seeds were labeled Dwarf!

Marigolds and Tomato Vines intertwined.

Marigolds are attractive to Butterflies, who do not know they were supposed to be dwarf and dainty. There were Gulf Fritillaries nectaring when I arrived. They declined to hang around for a photo-op. 

Lemon Grass got off to a poor start but has recovered.

Oregano survived but has not gained ground.

Garlic Chives look stunted.

Parsley, a biennial, may look better next spring.

Seed-grown Thyme died. There are 3 remaining pots to plant.

When the weather is cooler I'll get around to making the vintage brick circle more attractive and replant Thyme after pulling the Marigolds leaning over in its spot. 


  1. The marigolds are pretty even if their size did surpass expectations. Could the oregano be off due to the amount of rain you've had? Mine seems to like very dry soil.

  2. I like your herb wheel. I have lemon grass that is taller than I am. :-)

    Since it 'will' be getting cooler, I'd like to get more herbs for container growing.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. I wouldn't call that an "un-success"! I love the red marigolds.

    I have started an herb bed of sorts around the cistern planter on the patio. So far, the lemon thyme is thriving. I also have a large bed of parsley that I have no recollection of planting ever. Maybe I dropped some seeds??? Chives have almost taken over the planter itself. Oregano is looking good.

    Of course, we had one of our hottest and driest summers....which may be the reason for my success.

  4. Beautiful, if a little tall for you, marigolds! This looks 100% better than my non-existent herb wheel!

  5. My herbs were pretty much a bust this year. I chalk it up to experience and hope for better next your. Your marigolds are pretty. Mine turned out bigger than expected, too. Maybe things just grow bigger here!

  6. I appreciate it when someone shares "un-successes". It's so much easier for me to identify with! I like the wheel, and I'm certain that success is just around the corner for you in this area :)


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