Friday, October 3, 2014

Boiled Peanuts

Farmer Danny told He-Who-Mows that peanuts in the field behind our house were ready for boiling. 

I dug 2 Mule truckloads with my little spading fork.

The green ribbon in front of trees in the distance is peanuts. Buffy helped by making commotion to scare away any possible snakes. It takes courage to step into a solid carpet of peanut vines where they lapped the middles between the rows. We saw deer tracks along field's edge.

I picked off a good part of them. He-Who-Mows finished mowing and helped

He and Buffy will boil them tomorrow. There are probably 3 gallons of green peanuts.

Boiled green peanuts are not my favorite snack. I think you have to be born to boiled peanuts. I'll pick up dry peanuts the combine drops when they are picked and roast mine. 

The difference between green peanuts and dry peanuts is like the difference between green  and dry black eyed peas. Both are legumes and both are tasty. I prefer my peas green, my peanuts dry.


  1. My husband introduced me to boiled peanuts and I love them. Occasionally down here we found some spicy ones and those were really good.

    Black eye peas reminded us both of boiled peanuts too.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. I remember my Daddy planting Peanuts on our place when we first moved onto that farm. So good.The difference between fresh and store peanuts is incomparable.
    Like you, I prefer mine dry roasted without salt.
    Thanks for the blog today on Peanuts. Barbara

  3. I have never tasted boiled peanuts.

    Like you, I prefer green black eyed peas.

    I tried to grow peanuts once to no avail! They never germinated.

    Thanks for an interesting post.

  4. Despite living in southern Alabama for over 6 years, I never had the courage to try boiled peanuts. It just didn't sound right!

    We're probably a bit too far north to grow them, but I think it might be fun to try. At what point do you harvest the plants if you want dried peanuts? The same time, but just let them dry or roast them? Or do you leave them in the ground longer until they dry naturally?


  5. How exciting! We can't grow peanuts (or cotton) here so your crops sound so exotic. Years ago I worked with a nice lady originally from the south who brought back from a visit there some boiled peanuts for me to try. I loved them but am also fond of roasted peanuts.


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