Sunday, October 5, 2014

I Am Thankful for Mechanical Cotton Pickers

There's been a thread on Facebook about picking cotton in the 1950s. I rode up to the far north field this afternoon and made some pics.

There are still five locks of cotton in every boll.

Remember how far it seemed to the other end?

Right here it looked as if deer might have wandered through
and trampled the stalks.
(He who mows burst my bubble -- machinery did it during
irrigation in the dry spell a while back.)

Right here looks kind of dark and scary, tall cotton.
Machinery doesn't require a wide middle to drag a pick-sack through.

Here's a selfie to show that it's taller than me.

I'm glad there's a machine that takes care of all this.


  1. I would not want to have to drag a bag and fill it up with cotton. What a back breaking job that would be.

    Love that selfie of you Jean.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. My mother told me about picking cotton as a child. It was not fun!

  3. Machinery to pick cotton sounds grand as I understand that there are prickly parts in there! Happy automated harvesting!

  4. That's a cool selfie of you. There's a book of scary stories by Joe Lansdale called High Cotton -- a very oddball mix of humor mixed with horror. I'm glad there are now machines to pick cotton too.

  5. We didn't want to pick,but had no choice.Along Collard Valley RD.there are lots of fields this year,but cotton is shorter and seems to have lots of open bolls.A beautiful sight.Looks like a big snow.

  6. When we lived in Arizona, our neighborhood was surrounded by cotton fields. But the cotton plants were never as tall as yours. When the cotton was harvested, stray pieces would be picked up by the wind and would float down all the streets. It looked like snow.


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