Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Last Look at November

It seemed to go by so fast, November. An early hard freeze, a late Thanksgiving and it was over. I had a birthday. I got the rake I asked for and an orchid plant.

Oakleaf Hydrangea leaves maroon in the sun and backlit 
skeletal blooms, thin and papery.

Gulf Muhly Grass is wispier than it was early in the month. Crape myrtles 
behind it dropped  their leaves. 

Few trees in the distance hold any fall color. 
Pecan leaves hardly turned yellow before frost took them.

Dogwoods hold on to a few red leaves.

Dogwood berries persist. I picked a half cup to plant in likely places along woods and fences.

Cloudless Sulphur butterfly with folded wings, today.
The green is pernicious Florida Betony, bane of my winter.

I caught glimpses of what I think was a Red Admiral but he is too fast to get a camera ready before he's gone.

Sometimes December here is a mild month with foggy nights. It looks to be starting out that way.


  1. Florida Betony? Well, it should be called Southeast Betony, as that weed pops up here, also! Your photo of the backlit hydrangea plant is lovely. We have had several hard frosts, but this week the temps are predicted to be very mild. We never know what we will get!

  2. Happy belated birthday! November seemed to fly this year. Let's hope that winter does the same.

  3. A belated happy birthday Jean! Your garden still looks pretty as winter takes hold.

  4. Also wishing you a happy belated birthday. I love it that gardeners ask for things like rakes and plants. The dogwood leaves and berries are beautiful.


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