Friday, November 7, 2014

Autumn Didn't Turn Out the Way I Thought It Should

We had colds and that set us back.

I failed to order bulbs and set Hyacinths to chill, so I bought a little bag and put them in the fridge in 3 azalea pots, potted up late.

The November seed scattering needs done but the light frost we had did not take out things that need pulling and Gulf Fritillaries and 3 kinds of Skippers are nectaring on Tithonia that I want to pull to make room. I commenced spading around the daffodil bed where I want to scatter some seeds. Work goes slowly.

 In the midst of everything else, this big tree fell. It split so there are two parts to deal with.

What used to take about a day takes many days now. We use more machinery and less brawn.

Hauling limbs is the easy part, all mechanical.

Getting ready to haul limbs takes an extra day.
Weights that weigh 100 pounds each have to come off the 
front before the loader goes on.

An adapted shop crane with an electric winch made moving 
the weights easier -- first we had to move the crane and battery.

It isn't a good idea that an elderly man goes off out of shouting distance with a chain saw, so I run back and forth when he doesn't need help. On the way I saw a beautiful grove of Shining Sumac.

Baccharis, totally useless plant but isn't it pretty?
Behind it is a Chinaberry tree, even more useless, and alien.

My next project is cataloging native grasses. I hate not knowing their names. 

We had a little less than one tenth of an inch of rain yesterday -- grateful for every drop. Today's high was 66 degrees, nights are in the 40s for the next couple of days with a slight chance of rain Saturday night. 


  1. I'm just getting over a cold too. Nigel gave me his germs, dang it! Sorry you've been sick. Some years I just don't get into the right rhythm to get things done, I don't know why. Getting old is not for the faint of heart.

  2. That's how most of my plans go too. Sorry to hear about the tree. I hope you're feeling better.

  3. Baccharis is VERY pretty. Isn't it also great for pollinators? I've never had it around, so I don't know, but somewhere in the back of the old memory cells, I seem to remember reading about that.....

    Good luck (and be careful!) with removing the remains of that tree. Short of having a crew to help, I would think that tree would take even a big, hulking youngster more than one day to deal with.



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