Saturday, November 8, 2014

Do Squirrels Have Pierced Ears? More Tree Work

Squirrels are everywhere here, chattering, scolding, stealing pecans and leaving nut shells scattered.

I saw this one motionless on the highway where he'd failed to make it across in front of a truck. I scooped him up with the spading fork I was using to dig out errant centipede grass and that hateful Florida Betony in a bed where I later scattered seeds of spring annuals.

I thought his ear looked as if it were pierced. I gave him a deep burial at field's edge so Buffy won't dig him up.

The tree clean-up continues. Here, the tree is supported by the tractor so limbs that hold it off the ground were sawn.

After the brush was moved, it was rotated, pushing it to the ground.

 View from the opposite side.

Progress is slow, but we're getting there. I'm little help but there with a cell phone in case something goes wrong. 

On the way home I find interesting grasses and wild flowers with seed pods. I'm thinking of joining one of those citizen watches where various living things are noted and recorded along with changes in the weather.

I saw a Monarch floating along this morning, and the tiniest white butterfly I ever saw, less than a half inch across. Can you see him on the Lantana leaf below?

Wild Lantana has abundant seeds. This is why I leave it to a wild area. Ripe seeds are blue, brighter than the photo shows.  


  1. I have seen a similar butterfly here, though I thought it was palest blue. The wild lantana seeds are quite attractive. Do birds or other wildlife eat them?

  2. It may be pale blue; in the bright sunlight it looked white.

    I think birds eat Lantana seeds. I've seen mention of 'some' mammals eating them but I don't know which.

  3. How kind of you to bury the squirrel. I see them on the side of the road here all the time. Why are you taking the trees down? Are they dead?

  4. I buried the squirrel not out of kindness but to keep the dog from going on the highway to get him and drag him around until he's stinky.

    Wind blew down the trees which were rotten at the base.

  5. I liked the shot of the lantana. I have the same thing here--none that I've planted in my garden, but I find them in various places, planted by the birds, I guess.

  6. The tree looks like a big job. We are at the point that most of those big jobs have to be 'hired out'.

    Do you burn any of the wood?


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