Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to Whip a Rutabaga

About 25 years ago, the fancier restaurants in Atlanta commenced to feature Whipped Rutabaga on their Thanksgiving menus. Rutabagas have always been a favorite of mine.

When I was about 18, I went to visit my Aunt Lula around lunchtime. She was eating leftover Spaghetti with a side of Rutabagas. It was a delicious lunch.

My late sister-in-law told about her coworker's niece who called up and said, "Auntie, I boiled that booger for 3 hours and he still isn't tender."

Here's an excellent link to photos and info about Rutabagas:

All about Rutabagas from the University of District of Columbia

Whipping a Rutabaga

As the young lady learned, you can't cook a Rutabaga whole. The easiest way I've found to cut and peel one is to first buy 2 small turnips rather than one huge one.

Put a Rutabaga on a cutting board on a firm surface and cut it in half with the largest French chef's knife you own using a rocking/sawing motion.

Once it is halves or quarters, peel with a paring knife. Use the French chef knife again to cut it in 1-inch cubes -- you need not measure and they don't have to be perfect.

The secret to better tasting Rutabagas is to use a small white potato, cubed. Potato  takes away any bitterness.

In the old days we cooked Rutabagas with pork seasoning. Some cooks add some sugar. Potato cooked with Rutabaga takes away that bitter taste that called for sugar.

I season mine with Sazon Goya seasoning in the cooking water. Today I used Goya Ham Concentrate for a Smoky Rutabaga flavor.

A Rutabaga takes about an hour to cook. I think the recipes I read said 45 minutes. Maybe they like al dente Rutabaga.

When the Rutabaga is tender, drain and mash as for mashed potatoes. Use a food processor if you like that texture or whip with a hand mixer. I like mine just mashed with a potato masher. Season with butter to taste.

I buy my own seasonings. The Goya company does not know I promoted their products here.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and something Whipped: Potatoes, Rutabagas or both.


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  2. What a great post title. I was thinking something like - Place the rutabaga on a firm surface, fetch the horse whip from the barn... We had a very nice Thanksgiving wit lots of family and food. No rutabagas this year, though I love them, but whipped potatoes.
    I hope your day was great!

  3. We did have whipped potatoes, and a really delicious butternut squash soup. I've never had a rutabaga. I should give your recipe a try. Maybe for Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I love Rutabagas also. I like to chop them and other root vegetables and place around a pot roast and let it bake until tender. Baking brings out the sugar in Turnips,Carrots,and Rutabagas.Makes a delicious meal.


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