Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm Doing as Little as Possible

That was my answer to Carolyn when I ran into her at the Steak House last Thursday and she asked 'What are you doing since you retired?' "As little as possible," I said.

Today is no exception. We've had rain showers, nothing big since daylight.

Here's what I wrote to my nephew:
I don't remember if I told you there was a road killed deer between our mailbox and the entrance to field. Buzzards were having a picnic and traffic was having to slow so the birds could fly. It wasn't good enough for the carrion pickers that it was in the ditch, they pulled it up to the roadside where they would be really in the way. 
When the rain stopped this morning, Lane put the root rake on the tractor and carried hide, bones and what was left across the road and into the woods at the edge of our field. 
All that was left were piles of corn kernel flecked, rain soaked gut contents. I partially filled buckets of field dirt so wet dirt wouldn't be too heavy to lift and covered that to discourage flies, then covered with some peanut hay I scooped up in the field. I noticed no odor; I guess the buzzards take care of that, too. They leave an area clean except for hide and bones -- and poop. 
Not only flies, but Buffy the Dog headed that way when she hobbled out to be excused before the carcass was moved. She can run on 3 legs when there's motivation. I caught up with her and headed her back home. I know dogs; they love something nasty to wallow in.
I don't know how the long trek affected her hip; she was getting better before that. 
Before that I planted a dozen Vidalia-type onion sets that Farmer John sent me. The difference between Vidalia onions and the ones here is, they grow in different counties, loamy sand in both. I put these between my red cabbages. I have a bag of bunch onions, also from John to set among the green cabbages and broccoli. 
  Pond after Spring rains.

We had a thunderstorm before day that woke me when the windows rattled from the loudest clap of thunder I think I ever heard. Rainfall was 2.5 inches yesterday and 1.5 this morning. I want to go look at the farm pond to see if it is holding water.  
Oh, and I raked some pine straw that fell on the driveway but I left it to pick up when it dries. There is lots of pine straw yet to rake. If Lane gets it up with the mower the way he does leaves, there is nothing left but a little pile of chibbles. I need coarse mulch and this is fine fresh pine straw. I asked for a new sweeper/yard broom/ rake for my Birthday.

When I sit here, it doesn't feel as if I've done anything today except load the dishwasher and close the equipment barn before the last rain came. I've been in the greenhouse twice but did no work except to water a couple of bromeliads that Ike the Cat was complaining about being in his way before I moved them.


  1. After retirement, you've earned a rest! I still have young kids - some days I feel like I've gotten nothing done, some days I feel like I've done the work of ten women :) The pond looks so pretty!

  2. That is a frequent call I make at the end of the day. "I haven't done anything" Then my husband reminds me. Enjoy your retirement. I know it's hard to do nothing.

  3. That is a frequent call I make at the end of the day. "I haven't done anything" Then my husband reminds me. Enjoy your retirement. I know it's hard to do nothing.

  4. It's good to rest a bit after all of the work you did to cover the deer bits. Besides, Buffy needs you to cuddle with her so that her hip can feel better.


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