Friday, November 28, 2014

Not Another Herb Circle?

There is another of those old green planter parts.
I dug it out of the ground when I made the plant patio.

The first Herb Wheel was so unsuccessful -- marigolds grow to giant size and overwhelmed their neighbors, thyme died and so on -- that I started another one on the other end of the cabbages and broccoli.

Frost left white blotches on some cabbage leaves but little heads are trying to form despite cold weather. Broccoli looks equally lackluster but they'll perk up when we get a warm spell.

Since I had excess bricks from the old house site where the bulldozer kicked up some bricks, plenty of newspapers and some pine straw raked in piles waiting to be hauled, it made sense to me to just make a second Herb Wheel on the other end of the cabbage row for balance.

I didn't make a photo when I was done. There little to see: a rough circle of bricks holding the edges of a pile of spread newspapers, covered in pine straw.

Remains of the overgrown marigolds were still lying where I pulled them, so I broke them into smaller pieces and dropped seed heads and all over wet newpapers before I put down the pine straw.

In theory, by spring, the grass underneath will be dead. Newspapers and marigold stalks will be compost. I don't expect that marigolds will volunteer but they could. I've had marigold seed heads provide nice seedlings when they were left over winter. Just in case, I have a container of saved marigold seeds indoors and my grand plan is to follow the cabbages with a giant bed of Marigolds.

I'll rake back the pine straw, divide the wheel and plant seedlings of -- oh, what?  More Parsley. Maybe I'll root some Rosemary. Oregano is plentiful elsewhere, I'll pull some rooted pieces where it spreads. Basil seeds can go in. Sage. Ciliantro. Dill. There is hardly an end to the list of desirable herbs.

What herbs do you grow?


  1. I grow lots of herbs, not in a circle like yours, but right outside the front door where I can reach them all easily when I'm cooking -- sage, thyme, rosemary, chives, oregano and French tarragon.

  2. Your herb wheels sound wonderful.

    I have a small bay tree, basil, Mexican tarragon, rosemary, parsley, dill and pineapple sage. I'd like to get a few more.

    Have lovely holidays dear Jean and happy herb gardening.


  3. Good luck with the herb circle. I grow some of my herbs in perennial gardens, but my basil and mint are in a vegetable tower. They did just fine there, the veggies were a mixed success. I need more sun!!

  4. Looking forward to seeing that bed of marigolds flanked by herb circles! I grow rosemary, fennel (mostly for the butterflies) usually have sage but lost it last year and haven't replaced it yet, pineapple sage, basil.


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