Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wet and Raw

'Wet and Raw' was Ms. Armadeo's weather prediction for today on channel 10.
She was correct. The temperature crept down as the wind picked up.
Your weather may have been worse.

Yesterday between showers I planted onion sets between cabbages and in a section of my herb wheel that held marigolds in the summer --covered with straw at right. Herbs look bleak after two frosts; lemon grass died back to roots.

Vidalia-type onions went between Red Cabbages. That's 
an onion at upper center; the green at left is chickweed.


A green edging really improves a bed in winter, I think. The grass-like foliage is Lycoris radiata in its winter form. The vine-like plant is Trachelospermum jasminoides. The shrub is a Camellia.

I looked for flowers. There is usually something blooming in November. The best I could find was a droopy orange rose and Shrimp Plant in the upper garden.


White Camellia sasanqua blooms turned brown after the frost. More buds are starting to open now with some browning noted on many. I hope we'll have Camellia japonicas open before Christmas. 

Next week will be different. That's how winter here works. I still haven't planted all the seeds that should be in the ground in November.

Have a marvelous Thanksgiving. I look forward to whipped Rutabaga.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Jean! I hope your weather indeed improves and you get your Camellia japonica blooms. (I'm waiting on mine too.)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Jean! Whipped rutabaga is delicious but since I'm the only one in the family who likes it, I don't make them for T day as there are so many other things to prepare. Come on camellias, do your thing!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Nell! I hope the wet and raw goes away soon (no hope of that here, it's an apt description of our entire winter). I have quite a few buds on my Camellia right now so I have high hopes for flowers.

  4. What a beautiful garden! That whipped rutabaga sounds absolutely yummy. I do love my root veggies. And I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving at my daughter's house this year. No cooking for me! Except the dressing. Couldn't get out of making the dressing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your readers!

  5. Onions? Is it that time already. I bet you are basking in some warm sunny days now and the garden is perking up again. A little wet and cold is OK but sunny winter days are the best. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Something always looks good and interesting in your garden regardless of the weather.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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