Monday, December 15, 2014

Bloom Day December

Early freezes changed our expectations for this Bloom Day. December blooms in the garden are scattered and small spots of color.

Outdoor Blooms

 Volunteer Petunia "Laura Bush" 
in a sheltered corner.

Camellia sasanqua, usually a garden centerpiece this time of year suffered freeze damage to petals and is a sorry sight, too pitiful for display.

Camellia japonica Mathotiana

Shrimp Plant is the only tropical 
with blooms.

Native Pityopsis graminifolia Silkgrass 
blooming with Lantana under pine trees.

Lantana montevidensis with shelter and mulch.

A few Loropetalum fringes persist on the south side of trees.

Blooms in the Greenhouse

Solanum lycopersicum  -- uncommon to have tomato blooms
in December. They set fruit in night temps above 50 degrees.

Pink Schlumbergera 

 Grander Christmas Cactus pics HERE include white.

Scattered blooms on Rusellia almost hide
a ripening tomato at left behind it.

Begonias are dependable in winter. 

Phalenopsis Orchid is a recent buy 
 and the only blooms in the house.

Joining with Garden Bloggers world wide for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day with Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Love the Christmas cactus blooms!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Lovely spots of colour. I particularly enjoyed seeing your Schlumbergeras and that fabulous Orchid. Great GBBD post.

  3. You still have a bit blooming--it's always tricky after November--one never knows what will make it through those first few cold snaps. And we both have russelia still blooming--nice! Love the planter that Schlumbergera resides in. Enjoy your blooms!

  4. Thank goodness for warm areas of the country like yours, that still have a handful of outdoor blooms, some of them even tropical plants!

  5. Interesting. We have a number of plants in common. I planted 'Laura Bush' in my garden several years ago and I still get "volunteers" every year. One of them bloomed all summer and fall for me this year and would probably still be blooming if I hadn't pulled it out. I love the quirky blossoms of the shrimp plant. I enjoy that plant in my garden, too.

  6. Amazed that you have anything blooming outdoors, but it's been a lot warmer this year so far. Happy Bloom Day Jean!!

  7. A petunia - in December! I thought my own Camellia japonica would be blooming by now but I got only one flower and all the other buds are holding tight. Happy GBBD, Jean!

  8. You have some lovely flowers despite the frost, and as Kris said, a Petunia in December! Amazing.

    Happy GBBD.

  9. I am starting to understand that I tend to be a creature (not far removed) still have great blooms...

  10. Our petunias are long gone and there you have one blooming in December - magical! Your Schlumbergeras are gorgeous!

  11. Oh it's interesting to see what is blooming in your part of the world Jean. That camellia is a simply glorious colour. Must investigate whether it's available this side of the pond :)

  12. I love the Russelia, I always wanted to grow it. Schlumbergias and orchids are so useful to take us through the dark months. Phalenopsis blooms for months so it should see you into the new year.

  13. Gorgeous blooms! I'd like to get another Orchid this year--they're so photogenic. I love that Shrimp Plant! Obviously, my zone (5) is too cold for it, but I've enjoyed seeing it at botanical gardens when I travel in the south. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your blooms!

  14. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.


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