Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Camellias in Time for Christmas

Tara Dillard writes frequently about what you see out your door or windows. We have a view of the first Mathotiana blossoms.

Mathotiana through window screen

and up close.

Unfortunately there is nasty insect stuff on the leaves so I am going to pull the blooms off to float in a bowl indoors and spray with oil soap.

Freezing temperatures predicted for tonight and tomorrow night have changed to 34 and 35º so they would be safe but they're coming inside anyhow.


  1. They'll be lovely inside! I hope you get rid of your bugs.

  2. What beautiful blooms! If I could, I'd love to grow camellias.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  3. I don't know this one is it always so early? It' s beautiful.

  4. You enjoyed them outside and now you can enjoy them indoors too. Maybe they will last until Christmas.

  5. Chloris, you might know it as Purple Dawn or some other name, it goes by several different. It's been here for nearly 50 years.

  6. That is a beautiful flower.

    Hope you get rid of the insects or maybe the cold will get them for you.


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