Saturday, December 27, 2014

Goodbye, Red Cedar

Juniperus virginiana, our native Eastern Red Cedar is a beautiful conifer. The 'cones' are tiny, blue and berry-like, eaten by birds and strewn everywhere to sprout.

Yesterday He-Who-Mows and operates a chain saw cut down an ancient Red Cedar in anticipation of a new project. For now we left the tree's twin, just limbing it up.

I failed to bring out a camera until the entire tree top was gone.
The top limbs were cut away with electric chain saws. Here He-Who-Saws  contemplates just how he is going to get in that mass of bushes and briers with a gasoline powered chain saw to cut down the massive trunk.

Cut through and hanging by a splinter, the trunk went over with a push from the root rake -- I caught the photo with tree in mid-air.

Down and waiting for the root rake to haul away.

The growth is not symmetrical; fragrant wood.

  To give you some idea of how he trimmed the limbs, I did catch a late view of the apparatus he uses: a hydraulically operated platform and electric chain saws. This one is a pole saw.

Today I start on pruning overgrown boxwoods with my Fiskars loppers and pruners. Maybe I can use the pole saw too -- on the ground.


  1. Can't help wondering what the new project is, that you took the tree down for. All that lovely red heartwood is so pretty, do you have plans for the trunk and limbs?

  2. The project is not yet firm, but the tree is down and moved to a stack of other wood pieces. More busy work.

  3. Oh the suspense of the mysterious project... Lots of work to take down that tree!

    1. The project is a potential building -- to be built by others, not a DIY and not another greenhouse..

  4. I am glad you showed how he did this.....I wondered at the first picture and then saw the stand. Terrific idea to put on the front end tractor lift.

    Wouldn't those disks make good stepping stones? I think they would and wouldn't rot for a long time.

  5. All that wood would make wonderful things -- sawing through that trunk one time was enough for He-Who-Saws.

  6. The cedar stump wood is so beautiful. Do you have any plans for it? I wish you the best and happy gardening in 2015! Deb

  7. That is quite a job. Love the smell of cedar.


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