Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hope for Hyacinths and Paperwhite Pitfalls

It was a tedious wait to see whether I killed the bloom embryos in my Hyacinth bulbs by storing them with forgotten pears in a refrigerator for several weeks.

Every Hyacinth has a green shoot now. I added moss like
Claus Dalby dresses his.

Today I can see a flower bud! 

Pale bulbs bloom white or yellow. Darker usualy are blue 
or pink, so I sort bags of mixed bulbs and planted like colors.

Narcissus had mixed results. The pot bottom left has only
two bulbs that are firmly rooted. Roots rotted on the others.

Bulbs in this pot are rooted and three have buds. 

February, 2013
This is why it is hard to choose a fav.

The plastic pot of bulbs has an open bloom.

These were not purchased narcissus bulbs. They came from the garden of our neighbor John, who lives in the family home where Mrs. Vera planted these bulbs decades ago. He dug a peck basket full for me last fall. I planted most of them in the ground and filled 3 pots.

Prior to this year I had vowed to plant no more narcissus. This year I decided to try potted narcissus using the fattest bulbs from John.

Next year I plan to have all Hyacinths. Purple shades. Plans are subject to change when made months in advance.

2013: plans for more like these in 2015.

Did you force bulbs? Will your plans change in 2015?


  1. How nice that your hyacinths have buds! We've been anxiously waiting to see if they would or not. Your pots look beautiful with the moss on top! I forced paperwhites this year for the first time and am really enjoying how long they last in the greenhouse so they'll have a place next year as well. I also got some Amaryllis bulbs this year and they are growing very slowly in the greenhouse. I think they would like more warmth so perhaps they'll come into the house. Next year, I'll force hyacinths for their color and scent in the greenhouse!

  2. Your greenhouse looks like a very pleasant place to while away some time. The Hyacinth bulbs look great inter-planted with moss. I haven't forced bulbs in many years but, who knows, maybe next year.

  3. Hooray! When those Hyacinths bloom, their scent will fill your greenhouse!

  4. If I had a good place to plant them, I would. All of yours look very promising.

    How wonderful to have new bulbs that are really so 'old'. I have a few clumps of narcissus that bloom in May that escaped from a homestead to the ditch and I liberated (my nephew actually did it) a few and now have several nice clumps. No telling how old the mother bulbs are.

  5. I potted up some hyacinths in fall 2013 but they rotted and never bloomed. This year I have some in forcing vases that I bought at the grocery store. How wonderful to see that Feb display in your greenhouse very year! I love the shot of the green buds poking through the bulb. It's almost like a birth, minus all the blood and screaming.

  6. How would we make it through the winter without bulbs to bloom indoors for us?
    Hope you are having a wonderful week-end!


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