Saturday, January 3, 2015

It May as Well Be Spring

The very first Daffodil of 2015.

At upper right, a glimpse of Buffy the dog and He-Who-Mows riding in a 1971 Harley Davidson golf car with a homesewn surrey top to replace the homemade top that replaced the original.

This morning at 4 am when Buffy had ear problems, the temperature outside was 60º. Once her ears were treated, she elected to stay outside where it was cool. 

On Wednesday night next, we will once again plummet to 24º F or colder. I'll be hauling out the GH heaters again and possibly cutting the broccoli heads that are not quite big enough to suit but better than frostbitten.


  1. I have over three months to go until I see the first daffodil in my hard. Right now I'm waiting for a change from snow to freezing rain to rain. Supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow (!?) at least for part of the day, before it gets cold again. Our daffodils are sleeping soundly, meanwhile.

  2. That is cold for you! I hope it doesn't last long. We will be in the deep freeze too. Predicted for us on Wednesday is high of 15° and a low of 4°! Crazy weather.

    Enjoy that warm while you can.

  3. Just read how to garden in 25 words. Words of wisdom and experience.

  4. Ann, your daffodils are up before mine. I guess they like a little colder weather than what we had last month. I do see the leaves coming in so they should be sending up buds any day now. Carla


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