Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Bloom Day 2015: Struggles

We had some freezing nights last week. Blossoms that had ventured out were burned. Winter blooming plants usually hold back tight buds to replace those that are damaged by cold so that bloom continues. Warmer weather brings more blossoms.


'Blood of China' Camellia

A look at freeze damaged blooms and tight buds

Loropetalum's fringes seared by frost.  
Note emerging new blooms.

Taiwan Cherries were in full bloom when freezes came.
One tree was later and has new buds opening.

Early Daffodils are undeterred.


Narcissus forced in soil.


Last of Schlumbergera

Last of Schlumbergera

In the house, Christmas Poinsettia still looks fresh as does the Orchid I bought before Christmas. Two Orchids of long standing have bloom stalks with tiny buds. I take Joy in buds that are always coming on somewhere even in winter.

Take Joy in Bloom Day all over the world at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Lovely winter blooms. I always enjoy seeing what is growing there at your place.


  2. Daffodils already! Spring is definitely on the way!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  3. It's nice that you have such luscious blooms, even if there are loads of them. Your indoor flowers are especially
    lovely--I'm sure you're enjoying them!

  4. Lovely January blooms! I envy your daffodils. Mine don't seem to be anywhere near blooming yet.

  5. Your Camellias are so pretty. Mine is still in very tight bud, no telling when it will open.

  6. I hope you avoid further frost damage and warmer weather brings more blooms. Happy GBBD!

  7. I look forward to January GBBD's just so I can see camellias, one of my favorite flowers, and impossible to grow in upstate New York. We got to -3 yesterday and my son, 20 minutes from me, got to -14 so you have no idea what a treat it is to see your blooms - frostbit or not. My last Schlumbergera finished up two days ago. Happy GBBD! Alana - Ramblin' with AM

  8. Your camellias are gorgeous! They're on my wish list...I just need to find the right spot!!

  9. I think your flowers look like they weathered the frost very well! The Taiwan cherry is lovely. Hope you make it through the rest of winter without any other freezes.

  10. It takes a lot more than a little frost to faze a daffodil! I love your Schlumbergera; I didn't get any flowers on mine this year. (They didn't take kindly to the 600-mile move followed by months of construction chaos.) -Jean

  11. My daffodils sprout but don't bloom...same with my MIL

  12. Usually when daffodils fail to bloom they are in too much shade (I dug some that were), they've sunk too deep in the ground or they have multiplied and are too crowded.

    Digging and replanting elsewhere fixes all these problems. Usually. I've dug Minnow numerous times. They sometimes bloom once and then they sulk again.


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