Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rearranging the Greenhouse, with the Brom Tree

Children, do not try this at home. If you have a greenhouse layout that works, arranged over time by trial and error be careful.

I got the notion that turning the shelving on the left at right angles into the center of the room the way I had it in 2013 was a great idea.


I can't remember why I decided to move the shelves against the wall after I moved the potting bench to the back part of the greenhouse.

Today I moved every plant in the northwest corner outside. I put many of them into the bed of the Mule and the rest around on the ground, some in shade.

Here are views of the bromeliad tree after other plants were out. 
There's a tiny volunteer over in the corner that looks like a shrimp plant.

I kept cutting off the top, like cutting off people's heads in photos.

All are Neoregelias except for the Spanish Moss. Some are solid green because they were in shade. The old plant between the two little green broms on the right finally all died and I picked off that last dried leaf today.

The foliage at upper right belongs to an Epiphyllum.

The brom tree takes up 4 square feet of floor space even when it is crowded, a lot of real estate in a 120 sq ft room. That's probably still less room than 10 bromeliads in single pots would take.

This evening after I got everything leveled, I came in and told He-who-Mows that it was a mistake to let those plants out in the sunshine for an afternoon. "They multiplied and had babies and now there isn't room for everything," I wailed. He laughed. I am still not satisfied with the present arrangement. 

It isn't that there are any more plants, but I was not able to rearrange so there is more room. Yet. One of the inconveniences of old age is the amount of time things take.

There will be more plants. Every time I breathed on the Burro Tails moving them back and forth, little beans fell off. I finally stopped picking them up but several got flung into pots with other little beans forming plants.

2013. Those little orange bits are Violas from seed. 
How I love to look at previous years' seedlings and cuttings.
I have pineapple sage cuttings again this year.

It is time to do more than review previous years and move staging around. Seeds need scattering. Do you have seeds planted?


  1. It's always fun to rearrange things! Your bromeliad tree looks wonderful!

  2. No seeds planted yet. February will the be earliest to plant for me and most aren't planted until late March.

    My analytical mind wonders if you have ever measured things, used graph paper and rearranged that way first....I have even drawn cutouts of things to scale and moved them the house; since there is no greenhouse yet.

    Yes, I have definitely noticed how much longer it takes me to do things these days!!!

    1. I do measure and draw, Glenda. Would you like to see my little sketches on the edge of where I was doing something else? They are a hoot, particularly the ones where I write notes to my forgetful self. I carry a little retractable tape measure in my pocket.

      A flat drawing is very helpful to see if there's room but it doesn't illustrate how stupid things look when they're all in place, sometimes.

    2. I am not surprised you do that Jean! I used to carry a tiny tape measure in my purse along with a notebook showing sizes of various things.....just in case I needed to measure before buying.

  3. Oh, I really should start carrying paper around in my pockets, or a little notebook, to make notes when I'm out in the garden doing that constructive staring. Some constructive note-taking would help me remember what I was day-dreaming about. I did some re-arranging too lately, but I managed to make more room by bringing some things into the house (I guess technically that's cheating.) I LOLed at your comment about the plants reproducing. I am on the lookout for a nice stump to turn into a Bromeliad tree. I haven't started seeds yet, but I'm gearing up for it.

  4. Your greenhouse is a wonder Jean. I'm very impressed by your bromeliad tree - I've seen similar constructions at a local bromeliad nursery but never in a private setting.

  5. I love your packed little greenhouse. Your brom tree is great, very tropical looking.

    Rearranging always takes time and wears you out.

    I just got some cuttings of Burro Tails yesterday. I love the color. When I googled about them some people told horror stories about being poisoned by them. That scared me. My friend who gave them to me said she's had them for years and never had a problem. Yours look wonderful cascading the way they do.

    Have a GREAT week Jean ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. If you got Sedum morganianum, you are safe, Rainey, the kind that has long strings of little fat bean-like bluish leaves.

      The poisonous kind is Euphorbia myrsinites and has flatter leaves in a spiraling pattern. Wear gloves and take care.

  6. Lovely greenhouse full of plants. Rearranging that's what I do too, but here it is still a bit too early, it's too cold outside, so I leave the greenhouse dormant. I'm desperately looking forward to spring (early March) when seed scattering can begin.
    Enjoy your week,


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