Friday, January 9, 2015

Return to Meadow

Nature wants it back. This past year peanuts were planted in what had been a natural meadow for a while.

An area behind the pecan tree from the left all the way to an fence line on the right will return to a wild meadow state this year. Field debris has already been burned in anticipation of a dove shoot.

My last meadow effort failed because I planted only spring annuals. Summer came and bermuda grass took my meadow, which was forward of the area about to return to the wild.

I know that we can depend on Solidago to return with little effort on my part, and Bidens and Ragweed too.

Among self-planted natives here are rabbit tobacco, sumac,
 big bluestem, wild cherry  and goldenrod. 

I may wait to see what self sows before I scatter many seeds. I do expect Bermuda grass to return quickly from roots among Bahia grass which holds the soil. Emerging plants depend on what birds scatter, what the wind blows in and what dormant seeds left in the soil from years past were brought to the top during cultivation. 

Mowed paths are my favorite landscape element.



  1. I love your meadow flowers and look forward to seeing what comes up this year.

  2. I have always liked a mowed path, and wild flower meadows are pretty special also.

  3. The mowed paths are wonderful, especially for walking instead of 4-wheeling. Don't know anything about dove shoots but with quail here I think they prefer short groundcover.

    The Ozarks has many of the same native wild flowers,.

    1. Doves stay in short groundcover but come to open fields to eat whatever seeds were left and that's when the hunters have the advantage.

  4. Have pinned this to my Tara Turf board.

    Wish you lived closer, one of my clients has an incredible meadow. Years to get to this point.

    Meadows, in popular media & seeds-for-sale, are so wrong. But you know that, obviously.

    Happy New Year.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  5. No more peanuts? Your meadow will be wonderful!


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