Monday, January 5, 2015

Taiwan Cherries and We Anticipate a Freeze

I was shocked to realize Taiwan Cherries are in bloom.

 In years when cold doesn't take the Cherry blossoms, hungry birds eat the green cherries as soon as they form. I have no idea whether the cherries would taste good or even grow to a ripe fruit.

Loropetalum has open new buds, too.

Taiwan Cherries always bloom early and I always forget
just how early.

They did not know that a freeze is coming and harder freeze 
and on through  Thursday night.

After a few warm days through the Holidays, Camellias too.

 ... Loropetalum, lots of little fringes.
Like the Camellias, Loropetalum holds back tight buds for the next warm spell.


January has Joys that are fleeting. I cut my largest little cabbage and we ate it for supper, just in case the freeze takes them out. I'll cut the broccoli tomorrow, small but enough for the two of us.


  1. Happy New Year, Nell Jean! The cherry tree is lovely; I hope frost doesn't spoil its beauty. We have camellias blooming, with a very hard frost coming our way.

  2. Oh no, I hope the freeze isn't too hard on all of your beautiful blooms!

  3. I hope the freeze isn't too bad and you can keep the greenhouse warm enough. Poor blooms.

  4. I hope that the freeze doesn't damage your lovely blooms!

  5. Oh no! That an everyday mid fall-mid spring thing where I live in upstate New York can cause such disruption for you. But what I wouldn't give to see camellias in bloom in January. And to not have snow and ice to slide around on. Alana

  6. Your cherry tree is beautiful! Is it a true winter bloomer like Prunus mume or does it just get drawn out into blooming early?

    1. It is a true winter bloomer. Last two night's hard freezes turned the blossoms brown.


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