Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Edible Collection

Intending to plant what brings me Joy in 2015, I took a look at the herb wheel.

Farmer John gave me bunch onion sets a few 
weeks ago. He told me to put them in flower beds.

They fill a section of the Herb Wheel.

Tucked along the edge of parsley.

Spending time with Thyme with a stamped spoon to mark.
Thyme is the dark gray tiny foliage on either side of the spoon.

Soon will be time to start Basil and other annual herbs and biennials like more parsley. I want coriander and dill among others. 

In town today, we bought a new blind for the window Buffy likes to look out all day from her easy chair -- of course Buffy has the chair by the window. I saved a tall container full of slats from the old blind to cut for plant labels. 

Christmas lights were still available for great discount at the Big Box so I grabbed several, some clear and some colored. 

There were many interesting tropical plants but none I thought I had room or really wanted to grow.

Tomorrow I'll cut all broccoli heads of size. 

Predicted on Wednesday night: a low of 22 degrees and a high of 39º on Thursday.   


  1. Oh, I should buy some Christmas lights and string them inside the greenhouse! Old blinds make the best plant tags.

  2. I've been so guilty of failing to label. You know I always think I'll remember. University Hort professors make students throw out unlabeled plants. I can usually remember the plants but seedlings are a challenge, unlabeled.

    Strings of C7 or C9 bulbs put out a tiny amount of heat. LED lights don't heat up but I bought some anyhow, the small ones are so pretty.

  3. I like the wheel shaped herb bed. I think I will just continue around the "patio" cistern planter and half whiskey barrel by the backdoor with mine.

    I need to buy more lights but the cold has kept us confined. DH isn't feeling well these days.

  4. I'm impressed you already have broccoli you can cut!


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