Friday, February 20, 2015

A Concrete Floor for my Garden Shed

Hard freezes are behind us and the cement truck came with the first load. 

Each team member has specific jobs. 
It is obvious they're done this before.

Reinforcing rebar and bolts to secure the building

Each corner has four long bolts. This area is rough finished and the crew is waiting for another load of concrete.

The finished building will be roughly the size of a double garage but with only a single garage door. I am promised lots of shelving and storage.

Because there is nothing I can do to speed the process, I make little rough sketches planning where the shelves will go, where the edger, shredder and lawn mower will park and other obvious plans.


  1. Concrete work is so interesting. DH and I always enjoyed concrete projects, once they were done. :-)

    I know you are going to enjoy having/using this space.

    Congrats ~ just in time for spring.


  2. Very exciting progress! You'll have a barn for your mule in no time!

  3. Very exciting progress! You'll have a barn for your mule in no time!

  4. I have a space like that only not nearly so organized. I confiscated an old concrete floored chicken house that is maybe 30x30 with electricity. You will positively love having everything in one place. I didn't realize it would be so close to the greenhouse.....even better. I seem to walk myself to exhaustion gathering what I need to work. I should re-organize this spring! I do have almost all the power equipment and carts in the chicken house.

    I hope the shelves get built very quickly so you can use them this spring.


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