Saturday, February 14, 2015

Camellias, Daffodils and Hyacinths for Bloom Day February

Fearful that cold would take out all blooms, I made pics before freezes on Thursday and Friday nights. There are still blooms today despite the cold.


Cold will brown edges if not the whole bloom. 2/12/15

On Saturday, there were still pretty blooms where leaves were thick overhead despite a low of 28º on Friday night.


 Hyacinths on Thursday above and on Saturday, below.
Hyacinths are opening quickly despite cold when days are sunny.

Osmanthus fragrans

 The tiny blooms of Tea Olive bloom despite the cold.


 Daffodils on Thursday above were opening wide on Saturday, below.
See the bumblebee? Today is cold but sunny.

Magnolia x loebneri

Leonard Messel Magnolia. 2/14/15.

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  1. Dear Jean ~ How lovely your blooms are, hopefully you won't have too many frosted plants from this latest bout of 'cold' weather.

    Happy Valentine's Day ~ FlowerLady

  2. What a variety of beautiful blooms! Nada here of course.

    Another background question: The white cross cross in the background?

    We are headed for some near zero temperatures and 3-5 inches of snow here in 'southern' Missouri.

  3. Beautiful blooms!
    Snow and sleet predicted for us in north Mississippi for tonight and Monday.
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  4. Happy bloom day camellias, one daffodil and some tulip trees are blooming here is well...saw no sign of my grape hyacinths....I hope it is relatively mild winter here...I'm hoping not see a snap later but I suspect we will because we always do.....

  5. Happy Bloom Day, and may it not get too cold for you. Here in upstate New York, bitter cold, snow is blowing, below zero wind chills. Your pictures make me feel warm for just a few minutes. My dream is to be able to grow a camellia in my yard one day.

  6. I'm glad your blooms have managed the cold temperatures. Those daffodils are spectacular (but maybe I've already said that)!

  7. Hi Jean, i can't imagine gardening like you folks from temperate climates! It is also very difficult. Imagine if the flowers haven't fully open and suddenly there is frost, OMG, that is a stiff punishment to the gardener. But yours are so beautiful at that stage, maybe they succumbed eventually. I've already seen magnolias, but daffodils i haven't yet.

  8. Wish I could smell those Hyacinths. That's something I've only ever done once in my entire life. They're not a common sight around here. Beautiful Daffodils, and those Camellias are gorgeous.

  9. I love seeing all your spring blooms, especially all those cheerful daffodils; it gives me hope that spring will come! (About two more months before we see daffodils or hyacinths here.) -Jean

  10. Hyacinths and Sweet Olive... early spring must smell sweet in your garden! I hope your white camellia is still blooming and unfrozen.

  11. Camellias, daffodils, and hyacinths....what a lovely combination!
    Happy Belated Bloom Day!

  12. I love flowers of camellias but it is not grown here in my subtropical climate. I love hyacinth fragrance and i can see yours have larger stem than we have here. Daffs are too good and mostly perennial here. Happy bloom day.


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