Monday, February 9, 2015

Do I See Daffodils?

Rain came before I got out to the Upper Garden where Sweetness jonquillas are starting to bloom. I did get pics of some of the same ones I've been sharing; more are opening.

Look closely at the yellow daff on the right.
There's a bumblebee trying to get hold of the flower.

Bumblebee butt got to the nectar!

A few February Gold opened. A bit of yellow shows on Tete a Tete. Erlicheer are opening and at the same time, many daffodils have hardly sent up a bit of foliage or even showed green tips. With a diverse bunch of bulbs the season lasts a long time.

Are there promises of daffodils at your place yet?


  1. Love your photos! Glad to see the bumblebees are out buzzing around.
    My first daffodil opened this morning!

  2. I think I may have a few Daffodil noses poking up out of the ground, but I haven't cleaned up the old foliage and last year's annuals from that area yet, so I can't say for sure. I really should plant some Daffs right in the front bed, where they will be more easily seen.

  3. Alidon, next fall just plant little groups of about 5 here and there. They show up at a distance and multiply over time. It doesn't take a huge Keukenhof display to make you smile.

    Once you get one, Lea, more follow quickly.

  4. Wow! The foliage is up here but I've yet to see any sign of a bud, much less a flower.

  5. We've got about 4" of foliage and little tight buds emerging from the ground! Always interesting to see the differences in your zone 8 and ours.

  6. How exciting! I loved your photos. Daffodils make me feel happy, and have ever since I was a kid. I wish I could grow them here, but alas. I'll just enjoy yours.

    Happy Valentine's week ~ FlowerLady

  7. Just barely; green shoots up about three inches now. Nothing says spring like daffodils. They get my gardening juices flowing!

    Is something planted in the field across the road? My farming nature always notices these things........

  8. Thank you, everybody.

    Glenda, what you see in the last photo is different levels of pasture. We expect Farmer Danny to put cows there sometime this year after the fences are fixed. It will be good to see cows and not have to run them ourselves.

  9. Lovely and cheery, aren't they? No daffodils for me, but the columbines are thickening up, for the March beginning bloom time!

  10. Daffodils. So cheerful! And Bees! What we are seeing here in Virginia at the moment is snow, 50 mph winds, and bitter cold.Tiny shoots of daffofdils and tulips were just poking out of the ground this week, but now are buried in snow.

  11. My daffs have just barely poked their heads out of the soil. They seem slower than usual this year. Maybe after last years brutal weather, they've decided to wait til summer. ;o)


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