Saturday, February 28, 2015

EOM Views and Projected Plans

It's hard to show End of Month Views when what I would really like to show you is close-up views of Daffodils. Sailboat is blooming.

Last month and up until last week this was abloom in Daffodils. All that is left now are a handful of Ice Follies and a little row of Hyacinths that were forced in the past two years. By late spring all foliage will ripen and there will be only grass under the Crape Myrtle tree.

Blue Hyacinths are scarce this year.

I cut back Muhly Grass this week. There's a stray Daffodil.

 Muhly Grass needs some pink companions in the fall. Usually to the right is a full bed of Tithonia for Butterflies and some Duranta front and back. I'm thinking Echinacea nearest the Muhly and divide the Muhly for two more clumps toward the back.

There are already some Larkspur and a poppy or two showing and a few big clumps of Ratibida growing. The early bloomers will give way to Tithonia which reseeds freely.

This bed has both Muhly and lavender Lantana and some Victoria Salvia farinacea. I am anxious to see if all Lantana survived the freezes. In the pic not shown of this bed, there are two large clumps of Echinacea at the front that can be divided. 

Among the plants that I want to use more of this year are Cannas. Kniphofia could be divided. I have not moved any of it in years. I am undecided about more White Crape Myrtles. 

 Yellow Daffodils have bloomed in this bed for more than a month. Suddenly appearing were Ice Follies, a really great white Large Cup that blooms a little later. They are everywhere, a strong grower. Dead stems and a bit of spent foliage are all that indicate there is a large planting of Lantana with Purple Heart at the end here in the summer, among others. Dead Lantana tops need clearing to reveal the stones before growth starts and covers them.

A task I do not relish is pulling out a lot of Crocosmia foliage in the foreground. Crocosmia is a thug. It almost crowded out the small Daffodils.
Magnolia 'Leonard Messel' in the background.

Little clumps of 'Tete a Tete' Daffodils do well on little slopes and at edges everywhere. No new Daffodils were planted here last fall.

I wrote this week about Boxwood. These were rooted cuttings some years back. I moved them a year or so ago. I intend to let them grow more upright and round rather than the globe shape of many of the others. There is a path between the first two. 

I keep noticing that it always seems much colder in the Upper Garden than in the Front. No wonder, when the North Wind comes rushing across the field, while the trees on the south side of the Upper Garden shield the Front Garden which is lower.  

This is the view from my kitchen windows looking north. I dug a whole row of Sweetness Jonquillas last summer and finally planted all of them late fall. They had ceased bloom in increasing shade. Here they will get sun from the east to ripen the foliage before the pecan trees put out new leaves. 

Sweetness -- note the lastest planted behind 
are slow to catch up.

Work on putting up my Mule Barn is scheduled for Monday. 
Driveway and Step are still curing. 

I am drawing little sketches in anticipation of what to plant here. It faces West, so full sun plants. Some kind of patched up walk leading up to the step where the door will open outward is my notion, an Organic Mechanics theme to use some of the treasure I have. One thing for sure, I want to plant something evergreen and some flowers that bloom in winter like Candytuft.


  1. I love the view from your kitchen window; the row of daffodils is perfect. My daffodils have been slow to bloom this year, wisely, as we have had so many frosts. But now they are about to open up. I always equate the blooming of daffodils with the arrival of spring.

  2. I look at your garden, Jean, and all I can think is why, why didn't I add more daffodils in the fall? They look beautiful and I expect your row of 'Sweetness' will be astounding within a few years.


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