Monday, February 2, 2015

It Looks Better Today, the Greenhouse

One more right angle made all the difference. I didn't make 'before' pics. Just trust me that everything lined up on one wall and plants crowding one another does not work well.

I love it when things work out without my measuring beforehand. The little table fits exactly the space between the open door and the wall. Then the wicker thing fit exactly in the space along the wall (the door does not open all the way).

 I had to work out a way to set pots on the wicker shelves that does not endanger ancient rattan.  A couple of rusty pebble trays and some stray cedar boards worked out well. Mistletoe Cactus is elevated to heights that show it off.

The bromeliad tree then had room to stretch its arms. Here in a kind of before while I was getting the bricks back in place, it is crowded up against its neighbors with the table and wicker shelves to its left.

 Then it has room to show off and there is room for more Neoregelias around its base that were in the way before. I have since taken bromeliad pups out of those mugs and put them in little earth toned pots.

I counted again. There are 11 plants on the tree.
The solid green pups can get more light here to improve color.

I never got quite all the rest of the plants into optimum situations. I did manage to put that firecracker fern up high that was so in the way and stuff a fern and the parlor palm under a shelf out of the way too. 

Old women shouldn't be climbing but I did. I am careful not to step where I can't see where my foot is going. That gets awkward. One of my knees bends better than the other. 

I got distracted taking down one string of colored lights and replacing the burned out bulbs on the remaining string with the good bulbs from the one I took down. Some bulbs are kind of bunched over the tomato plant. Tonight's low is expected to be below freezing and the tomato needs all the help it can get. Heaters are back in place.  

I still haven't planted any seeds but a new catalog came today that I am about to go through and make choices.  


  1. Finally, a fabulous photo of your Bromeliad tree that shows all of it, pot and top and all! Yes, be careful when climbing.

  2. Please be careful climbing. About the highest I get these days is on a small step ladder to wash my kitchen window from the out side.

    The greenhouse looks great.

    Have you every tried making a sort of tent over the lights and the tomato plants to keep the warmth near them? I did that when I had the hoop house.

  3. I'm glad that you rearranged so that your bromeliad tree can have the space that a star deserves! Do climb carefully!


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