Saturday, February 21, 2015

Just a Peek at my Hyacinths

If  you want to see them over and over, I put the
rest of the pics on the Dotty Plants Greenhouse blog, posing with their best sides.

This is an example of how I amuse myself. I could have ordered off for 5 each of City of Haarlem, Carnegie, Woodstock, Pink Pearl and another pink and potted up similar effects. Instead I bought a random mixed bag, separated them into similar color bulbs and potted them.

I know I would get pretty blooms and they would smell good.

Every year is different. I love how these turned out and it smelled so good in there when I opened the greenhouse door this morning.

Maybe blue and purple next year.


  1. They're gorgeous. I've never tried growing these - I'm not sure why. I didn't even know Hyacinths came in yellow.

  2. These are beautiful! Two different people gave me purple hyacinths recently. I enjoyed them immensely.

  3. I didn't know hyacinths came in yellow, either. What a wonderful treat to have waiting for you every day. :o)

  4. I can almost smell them! I must see if I can force them under the lights. Do you plant them outside after this first bloom?

    So the color of the bulbs is a good indicator of the bloom color? Who knew.

  5. The hyacinths in my front garden started poking up, then they got snowed on, then the mail carrier now stomps across them on his shortcut way to the mailbox. Yours look really healthy. I see that green thumb working.


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