Monday, February 23, 2015

Mistletoe Cactus in Bloom

Rhipsalis in Bloom

Any little pieces that break off are easily rooted.

Burro Tail Sedum care is the same as for Rhipsalis.  I've about corraled all the 
Donkey Tails that I need by saving leaves and little pieces that broke off.

... and a peek at the show in front of the Burro Tail Sedum.


  1. What a sweet little cactus! Love the burro tail too. I've still got to pot mine up, from cuttings from a friend. Your hyacinths are so pretty and spring looking.

    Have a GREAT week ~ FlowerLady

  2. I've never seen Rhipsalis in bloom before! I hope mine follows the lead taken by yours. Among other spots, I have some planted in a frog pot, where the cactus looks like a mop of wiry hair (reminding me of Gustavo Dudamel, the conductor of the LA Philharmonic) - he's going to get a whole different look if he ends up with flowers in his hair.

  3. You've always got so many interesting things happening in your greenhouse!

  4. I always admire succulents and they are really doing so gracefully in your greenhouse.
    Love your riot of colours especially those hyacinths.

  5. The Rhipsalis has such a delicate little flower. Thanks for showing it.

  6. I thought I had responded to this............I love Korean Boxwood. I didn't realize it had fragrance until I kept smelling something very pleasant as I went through the door on the back.entrance. I have three or 4 boxwood planted next to the porch foundation. It took me a while to see the very insignificant flowers on the boxwood. Now I look forward to it each spring. Of course, I never trim mine! I may have to soon since they are reaching the bottom of the windows now.m They do very well here in my garden. The color gets a little brownish in the cold winter but greens up nicely in the summer.

  7. The hyacinth are gorgeous.

    I like the burro tail sedum and mistletoe cactus.


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