Thursday, February 19, 2015

We Are Still Growing Tomatoes

I picked these on February 16:

He-Who-Mows and likes to take part in the thrill of what I am growing picked these on Tuesday in anticipation of the coming freeze:

Tonight's predicted low is 22º and it is already 35º outside at 7 pm. The greenhouse soaked up heat in the sun during the day but the heaters will have to work hard to keep my target temp of high thirties when the coldest dip comes around 7 am.

Tonight should be the last hard freeze for a few days. When I went to the mailbox this afternoon, daffodils were bravely standing tall in the cold wind.


  1. The tomatoes look great! I do envy you those home-grown wonders. I have don't buy tomatoes from the store this time of year. The only exception is those little yellow tubs of grape tomatoes.

    Do you ever cover the outside of the greenhouse with any insulating material? I recall reading about people using insulated pool covers on greenhouses over on the greenhouse forum.

  2. Putting insulating material cuts down on the light. It's a trade off.

    We have more days when it gets too hot in the greenhouse than we do cold nights requiring some heat.

    Freezing temperatures usually are short-lived, like this morning when it was 24º outside at 6 am. By 9 outside temps are above freezing and the greenhouse is 51º in the sun. He-Who-Mows unplugged the heaters.

  3. Your tomato experiment continues to fascinate me! I'm looking at the catalogs to choose a few Tomato plants for my greenhouse this summer but it's hard to choose because they all look great in the pictures and there are no descriptions that say anything like, "Don't bother growing this as it's an awful-tasting thing that the pigs won't even eat." The fun is in trying different ones each year until you find your favorites.


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