Thursday, February 12, 2015

You Should Have Been Here on Wednesday

In anticipation of Bloom Day on Sunday, I went out to seek blossoms and potential blossoms. The gardens hold promise but a threat looms.

Blossom at upper right shows what a freeze does.
Fat buds will open in a warm spell after the next rain.

January and February here are a mixed bag of false springs and freezes. Yesterday was warm and sunny, 10º warmer than usual for this time of year. Tonight we expect a low of 27º F and not much warmer tomorrow night. Somebody left the door open again and wind is about to come whistling down the plains from the North. 

Daffodils and Hyacinths can stand a few hours of chill 
without damage, so we'll have those for Bloom Day.

Deciduous Magnolias bravely offer up a few blooms for
sacrifice, holding some back for a grander show later.

Leonard Messel magnolia

Tea Olive blooms, is bitten, blooms fragrant again all winter.

Yesterday I made changes in the Greenhouse, hopeful of open buds on Kalanchoe and Hyacinths for bloom day no matter what happens in the wee hours of the next two days. 

Sometimes I entertain myself by looking at old, old posts. Camille is one of my favorites from 2010 despite having lost one of the videos. 

I wonder if I could just stop going out and taking pics of the same flowers year to year and just recycle previous years' posts from the same date? 


  1. As I was wandering around my garden, I had similar thoughts - maybe I should recycle earlier photos with labels reading "this is what the flowers would have looked like had the Santa Ana winds not whipped through for days prior to Bloom Day." In your case, your daffodils alone will make a wonderful post.

  2. Don't recycle, even though we probably wouldn't know. You never know what else you might learn and notice that you didn't before, after taking the same picture years later.


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