Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Building a Pathway is Hard Work

The pathway in front of the mule barn is a bigger undertaking than I really thought it would be. The drive slants. Should the pathway just slope or should it have steps?

Pieces laid out to see if there are enough scraps to cover the 
area and determine where footprints should fall. 

I have a hodgepodge of materials: old bricks, pieces that the road scrape broke off a culvert on the dirt road, concrete block cap and pieces, stones, scrap metal including old plow points, a scrap of blue painted perforated metal and some stepping stones with seashells and other bits from nearly 15 years ago that can claim new homes now.

I loaded the metal and some small stones into my wagon. Brick shards are on pieces of shower curtain that I use for tarps.

This could take a while. It is supposed to rain. While it rains I will review all the Organic Mechanics paths and every other patchwork path I pinned.

Meanwhile everything is blooming or thinking about blooming or already bloomed.


  1. Oh! I love it. it's going to be fabulous. Hurry up and finish!

  2. Just make sure whatever you do that you slant it away/down from the building, so that water will run off, but you probably already know that.

    I think you're little patio is really going to be great looking.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  3. Love this path so far & am looking forward to seeing the finished product!


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