Thursday, March 26, 2015

Butterflies Are Back!

I've been seeing them for days but never with a camera in hand to document them.


The one above could not wait for Pentas to get planted out. He's visiting plants taken out of the greenhouse to harden.

I haven't as many Pentas kept over as cuttings this year, only 4 of these that Susie calls Miss Julie's Favorite and a single pale pink one. I pulled mulch back from white Pentas in the Yellow Rose Bed this morning and see green shoots forming from the roots. I have 7 rooted Porterweeds to plant.

Dark Swallowtails have been visiting Blueberry bushes, helping bees with pollination. They're plentiful on Azaleas today.

This Tiger is fuzzy; I caught him as he flew away.

Another caught leaving. At least I've noted they are here.


While I was trying to get butterfly pics, a Cardinal was perched watching the butterflies. We are already seeing them with those long tails pinched off where they barely escaped. 

We'll see butterflies while Azaleas bloom, then they usually disappear until late April or early May when more broods hatch as another wave of flowers open. 

Are you seeing pollinators?


  1. I never thought about the Cardinals eating butterflies, but of course they do. Poor butterflies. ~~Dee

  2. I enjoyed seeing your blooms and butterflies. I did see what I'm thinking was a cabbage white butterfly the other day. It was white, anyway. I don't remember when we usually start seeing the bees and other pollinators, but most of the swallowtails come more towards June, I think. We do see a lot with parts of their wings gone for a snack for a bird.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I like what you said about how we should have "like" buttons like FB. Yes, I do sometimes forget what something is when it comes up, and am pleased when I figure it out. I was very pleased today to see the two clumps of Fremont's clematis that were from one clump that had to be moved from a bed at church last year, are both coming up in our curb area. I was afraid it would be killed to dig it out. It had been there a number of years.

  3. Yes! I've seen quite a few bees and butterflies this year, and it makes me so happy. I typically don't see too many butterflies, so this year has been a treat. Our trees and wildflowers have only been open a few weeks, and I'm encouraged for what this means for the season. :)

  4. Butterflies are certainly happy visiting your flowers! I saw my first bumble bee earlier this week and just yesterday, when it got up to 69 degrees, the first butterfly of the season flying around cars stopped at a red light. Haven't seen any honey bees yet this season and a couple of my neighbors keep hives. They're usually busy doing their thing and drinking water from my water pots.

  5. Google + has a Like button, but I don't get much satisfaction from Google +. I haven't tried hard to figure it out. I think that's where all the followers went. "Circles" kind of confuse me.

    I have seen pollinators, lots of bees since blueberries started blooming. Some dark Butterflies just joined right in there with them. Funny to see Butterflies on blueberry bushes and I didn't try for a single pic.

  6. Only the white forsythia is blooming now, and nothing is attracted to that except people. The fragrance is getting the neighbors talking. No pollinators in sight though. Give me maybe another week.

  7. We are seeing lots of bees, but I have not yet seen butterflies. Our temps are still hitting the low 30s sometimes, but soon we will see consistently warmer temps and the butterflies will return. I will be able to plant pentas and other annuals in a couple of weeks. I am just now seeing a tiny bit of color from the azaleas as their buds are swelling. It is wonderful to watch my garden open up in the spring air!

  8. Beautiful butterflies! Our are showing up more by the day.! Go spring!


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