Sunday, March 1, 2015

Daffodils First of March

The End of Month views yesterday were a little bleak. I held back the Daffodils for a new beginning First Day of the Month despite the lack of sunshine.

Sail Boat is just starting bloom. A favorite.

Sweetness Jonquillas

Trumpet or Large Cup?

Ice Follies

We had Daffodils in bloom all February after a slow start at the end of January. There are still late daffodils just coming up while early trumpets are done

Tête à Tête
They are picking up speed now.

Jet Fire

Ice Follies

Van Sion

I like Daffodils planted on a slope. February Gold and Sweetness:

 And some Hyacinths, outdoors:
China Pink

 Hyacinths bring in colors that complement Daffodils.

Blue Jacket, I think.

 I forget from year to year just how much I love Daffodils and Hyacinths and what wonderful memories of childhood they hold for me every Winter and Spring.

I love their names, their fragrance, their color and the promise each bulb holds.

Are you a Daffodil fan?


  1. Oh what a treat to see all these beautiful daffodils! We are still in the throes of winter here with another 10 inches of snow that fell over the weekend. Your photos give me hope that spring will come eventually.

  2. I am a Daffodil fan, I need a lot more of them. I noticed one flowering in one of my beds this morning. Unfortunately, it's still surrounded by last year's dead stems and foliage from all the plants that were growing around it.

  3. Sail Boat is so pretty! I brought in a few daffodil blooms before we had our snow in Chattanooga, and I'm hoping that it will start to warm up so that they can really take off!

    Happy Gardening!

  4. I am a fan. I planted more over a year ago and hope to see a better display of them this spring. You might enjoy looking at these pictures of large plantings. I ordered The Works to get started many, many years ago.

  5. Spring flowers blooming in a woodland remind me of my youth in New England. I never thought to try to recreate that look in Texas, but I've noticed some bulbs naturalizing on my property. I think the bulbs were bits and pieces that fell out of the wheelbarrow or got tossed into the woods. I wouldn't have thought there was enough water, but I guess when the bulbs go dormant they don't mind being dry. What do you think?

  6. I don't believe we would ever have too many Daffodils as long as there is a space to stick a bulb.

    Ally, most of them do prefer a dry summer. Some of the minatures like a baking in the sun, come summer. None of them seem to like a damp spot.

    WWF has a Works for the South, too. I've never ordered off for that but I have bought bags of mixed bulbs locally. They usually all eventually go away except for Carlton, Ice Follies and one or two others. Some people complain that they don't all bloom at the same time. I think that just prolongs the show once they start to multiply.

  7. March first is St. David's Day. He's the patron saint of Wales and the day is much celebrated there and the floral emblem is a daffodil! Perfect timing! Yours are gorgeous and a bit ahead of ours! Happy early spring!


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