Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Bloom Day, Ushering in Spring

Happy Bloom Day, Happy Spring Solstice to come soon. We expect an Easter Cold Spell, A Blackberry Winter and maybe a late frost before we can be sure everything is safe but Spring is on the way.

Camellias had an up and down season this winter with one freeze after another but Camellias know to hold back some buds for the Late Show.

My notion to make Camellia trees went against the nature of the Camellias. They are trying hard to revert to their natural shape and if  I can keep out cat briers, they may do so. 

Seedling Camellia, one of a half dozen.

Another seedling

Ancient Camellia, here for fifty years or more.

Following Camellias comes the show of Dogwoods and Azaleas. There is color showing but the buds are not fully open.

Cornus florida -- native flowering dogwood

Pink Pearl Azalea, blooming from bottom up.

White Azaleas are always first to bloom.

 Loropetalum in bush and tree forms make a really big show this time of year. starting ahead of Azaleas and continuing on with Philadelphus when the Dogwoods are done.

Edible Pears and Loropetalum.

There was a Tiger Swallowtail on one of the pear trees. I never got a good shot. I also saw two Cloudless Sulphur butterflies. Spring is almost here!

Daffodil season was beginning when we celebrated February Bloom Day. The trumpets and large cupped Daffodils are mostly gone now but miniatures continue the show. Hawera is one of the prettiest.

This old Tulip Magnolia was here before I was.

I hope your Bloom Day is blossom-filled and that Spring comes to your garden soon if it isn't already here.


  1. All those bright pinks and reds — so dramatic and so much blooming. Lucky you.

  2. Your garden is a sheer delight right now, beautiful!

  3. Oh my gosh, it is so gorgeous! How I envy you your soils for plants like this. And so wonderful, I agree, to see the butterflies out (at least for a bit). But you got me scared on Easter cold so now I've got to look that up!

  4. Your Camellias look terrific. (My single C. japonica is producing just one bloom at a time - it doesn't like the heat, I guess.) I had to look up a "blackberry winter," which probably says something about how unlikely such an event would be in SoCal. I hope your cold snaps do no harm!

  5. I am so excited that spring is here! Today was the first sunny day in weeks. We have so many cold, rainy days that today was incredibly wonderful. I enjoyed just wandering around finding new buds and blooms and feeling the warm sunshine! You remind me that we will certainly have another frost…sigh.

    Your loropetalums are beautiful. It is good to see them planted where they can grow to their full potential. And
    your camellias are amazing!

  6. Beautiful!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  7. HI Jean, at least now that you're showing lots of camelias i can already say, oh i know that too. hehehe. I've seen a lot of camelias in New Zealand for the first time in my life.

  8. Yowsa! Everything is looking beautiful but your Loropetalums are amazing. They never look that good here - maybe they need more summer heat. Your seedling camellias are gorgeous! The white azaleas look almost like someone tied tissue paper flowers or handkerchiefs to the branches - lovely!


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