Monday, March 16, 2015

Mule Barn Pathway

Something must be done in front of the Mule Barn step. Construction always leaves a mess and this mess is a slight slope so everything wants to wash away during rains.

Here's what I was left with: a step 42" x 18" -- suggested by Mr. Sam the Concrete Man and concurred by He Who Mows. The step left a gap the width of a brick plus a fraction of an inch between the step and the drive up, with a similar space on the other side. I put bricks in there and later after I level the bricks I will fill the gap with river stones.

Bricks are to show the area; grass will grow outside the bricks. The paved drive ends at that little corner showing.

The round thing in the center is an old grinding stone that was used on the farm to sharpen tools. It is out of round and a discard. It will be the pivot for where the path makes a right angle to go over to the greenhouse.

I've been looking at pictures of the path made of bits and pieces and scraps in the Organic Mechanics' Garden and similar paths. I have broken bricks galore, pieces of stone, metal machine parts, pieces of big and small ceramic pots, plate pieces and so many ideas my head is bizzy.

I welcome all suggestions that are not so ambitious an old woman can't do them. There is already some digging to be done because of the concrete scrap from the building.

This is the other side of the drive. I hurriedly put out a semi-circle of liriope before the rain and put down pine straw to preven a worse wash until grass gets going again on the outside. You see the trench I had to make? That will be fixed soon, too once I make sure the rain runs off in the right direction and not under the wall. Squaring up the bed will happen in time, too.

I decided that probably all I will plant will be white lantana, enough to cover the area when it grows, and just put pine straw there in winter.

The little bright round spot at the corner of the building was dust on my camera lens. Up close it looks like an amoeba.


  1. I love your plan to do a path like the one at Organic Mechanics, it will look good there, bordered by brick. I wanted to do a path out of bits and pieces like that at my old garden, but just couldn't seem to get it right. Putting shapes together like that isn't my forte.

  2. I inherited a little patio area that the previous owner did that is a sort of evenly laid out mosaic of brick, pebbles in concrete and those concrete squares you buy. I actually really like it. Green moss grows here and there because the area gets some shade up next to the house. I bet you come up with something using some of your stash. Just be sure you don't have anything that can trip you.....!


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