Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Arrives and Flowers Emerge

It's here with all the joys and surprises that come with Spring's arrival.

Last year I planted 100 tulips, or was it more? About half of them managed blooms and proved that I can too, bring tulips to bloom in the Deep South if I am of a mind to go to all that trouble. I told them goodbye at the end of bloom.

A dozen tulips decided to return this year. I almost missed the emerging foliage but managed to drive a stake just in time so He-Who-Mows would miss them. I believe these are 'Shirley.'



Late flowering Daffodils. The season lasts several weeks when many different kinds are planted. This last one is Hillstar.

 Purples: Purple Heart emerging with daylilies; self-planted Spiderwort in bloom in the lawn. He-Who-Mows is careful to try to miss most of the Spiderwort.  

Dogwood and Pink Pearl Azaleas

Pink Ruffles at left, and Dogwood.

Loropetalum and Dogwood 

Brugs are starting to send up new foliage in warmer locations. Some of them make me wait until I think they're lost.

New here last year: Old fashioned Iris.

Camellias are not done. Yet. As long as it stays partly cloudy, I think they're safe.

I didn't tell you yet that Baptisia has shoots and buds, even 2 seedlings have buds! The Viburnum has Snowballs but they're still green.
Rose Campion seedlings are everywhere.
Sweet William was mowed down but survives.
Hydrangeas have new growth at the base of old stems. I'm waiting to prune.
Larkspur, Poppies and Silene seedlings are showing up.
California Poppies sowed themselves in the lawn.  
Lilies are sprouting. Wisteria has fat buds.
Shrimp Plant was hit hard by hard freezes. Lower stems still have some green.



  1. Hooray for spring! That pretty camellia reminds me of Christmas candy canes. I'm glad some of your tulips came back. I need more Daffodils.

  2. Your spring garden is full of great things! Still can't get over how good Loropetalum looks in your neck of the woods! Hillstar is a lovely thing! I'll look for it next year. Happy spring!

  3. So pretty! And lots more on the way from the sound of things. Every 10 years or so I try planting tulips - it's utterly hopeless here (although somehow my local botanic garden usually manages to have some on display).

  4. I laughed at your comment about the stake; my helpmeet who drags hoses around the corner of the milk parlor to water calves was dragging it over the tops of a small row of daffs that were mashed to the ground already. I quickly broke a bamboo stake into several pieces and 'fenced out the hose'. I called it to his attention but I knew that wouldn't be enough.

    I love spring at your place! especially the old fashioned white iris. They are my favorites over the fancy ones.

  5. Hooray for spring color! I know Allison said that, too, but I just had to say it again since that was what I was thinking while I read this post. I hope the mower didn't' whack anything!

  6. I am just heart broken. I decided to try species tulips and just realized last week that they may be no shows because I forgot to chill them in the frig. I live in zone 8b about 150 miles from the MS Gulf coast. I guess I need to just forget having them.

    1. As much winter cold as we had, they may come up and bloom, Sallysmom. The stems may not be very long but cross your fingers for at least some short-stemmed tulips.

  7. what a lovely camellia! I love the loropetalum with the dogwood behind it. Our dogwoods are just beginning to open. In another week we will be in fill blown spring!


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