Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Is on the Way: Bloom Day Preview

It's good to see winter leaving. Gentle spring rains are greening up my world.

Today's post is a Bloom Day preview. This was a good year for Hyacinths.


The darker pinks are Pink Pearl and the pale are China Pink. In the same bed with these early spring delights are summer blooming Daylilies and Pink Lycoris whose foliage is emerging now.

'Leonard Messell' Magnolia opened buds from the end of January on, to be frost bitten and start again. 

Redbud trees are abuzz with happy bees.
Wonder why they call Cercis 'red bud' when the color is such a pinky purple?

Preview of Pink Pearl Azaleas to come.

Native Corydalis, and hateful chickweed which dies out in 
hot sun so I don't get excited about pulling all of it out.

A Daffodil with no name

Daffodils bloomed early, or so it seemed to me. Most of them are done or on the way out except for some very late ones who have hardly sent up any buds yet. Every year is different. I'm marking spots where bulbs here for years are in too much shade or have pulled themselves too deep to bloom well. The experiment with digging Sweetness when the foliage turned yellow and replanting in late fall turned out well. I intend to repeat that with some others.

Another Azalea preview: Pink Ruffles

Hawera, a triandrus daffodil

Loropetalum put on their own show ahead of Azaleas.

There is white Loropetalum in the distance

Camellias disappointed this year -- too many freezes set
them back too many times.

Blood of China

I'll keep fearing another killing frost until the middle of April when daytime temperatures are near 100º F. Blueberries, peaches and pears are blooming. You can't fool ancient pecan trees. They sit there silent and bare.


  1. I feel a bit like your pecan trees - spring is in full bloom here, in the Pacific Northwest, but I suspect that the winter can still surprise us! Then, there will be some casualties... Annual tulip festival in the Scagit Valley is going to be a month (!!!) earlier than usually!
    Loropetalum is a new one for me. What a pretty color! My camelia behaves strange - gives one bloom at a time.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jean!

  2. Spring certainly has arrived in your area! It looks as though we're skipping spring and heading into the worst bit of summer - no more rain in sight and heat into the 90s and Santa Ana winds.

    I've always thought the same thing about redbuds, but then many of the plants labeled as "red" don't look red to me. The same goes for many "blues."

  3. The harbingers of spring...this time of year you forget the colors that come with the growing season. Do you think we have seen the last freeze. I know you say that the middle of April.. that would be super late..but I hope not. So many times I thought we were out of the woods. It looks like we are out of the woods.


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