Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring Must Start Somewhere

My brother used to leave Atlanta every year about this time of year and go to Savannah to make sure that Spring was on its way.

Allow me to assure you that Spring is indeed creeping northward. It may wish to linger here a while among the daffodils but it will get there soon. I spent time outdoors yesterday dividing clumps of grasses, making plans and enjoying the views of Daffodils. 

We were here FIRST, argue Jet Fire and Tete a Tete.

Sail Boat. I wonder where Ice Wings went?

Not all Daffodils persist the same. Some are naturally stronger and like their surroundings, some disappear over time. I cannot explain why some move to new locations. A single Daffodil may suddenly appear where there none in previous years.  Are they moved by critters or do they seed about? 

Here's a preview of the Mule Barn. They are putting on the roof this morning. 

They will finish today I think. Tomorrow rain moves in again. Great timing. I am Happy. 


  1. So nice to see that spring has started in your garden! Because of our mild winter, we had daffodils here earlier than usual and, except for lows in the thirties, our dry and sunny days make it seem like spring is already here. I'm so happy for you that your mule barn is near completion and can't wait to see what you do with the inside!

  2. Wonderful building! You can't have too many buildings for "things".

    I love the way you have planted the bulbs giving it a natural look like they have just sprung up on their own. You have a true gardener's touch.


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