Saturday, March 28, 2015

Upper Garden Comes into Its Own

It's that time of year. Much to be done. A cool, drying wind today discouraged planting out anything.

This brave Azalea has had a hard struggle:
The Lawn mower ran over it when it was just starting.
A tree limb was dropped on it last summer. 

Pink Ruffles and Pink Pearl, my fav Azaleas.

Calycanthus -- Sweet Shrub

Planted next to Tea Olive, it's like walking past fruit salad.
Incredible blend of fragrances, unintentional.

Sweet Alyssum planted in a rusty well bucket dropped 
seeds on all around it: 
Pot with a red Crape Myrtle cutting, in with daylily seedlings. 
White Lantana at right seems to have escaped hitchhikers. 

Gerbera Daisies look to me as if they need smiley faces.


  1. Oh Wow! I love Calycanthus! It's so amazing to see yours, mine hasn't even leafed out yet.

  2. The color combination of the azaleas and the Calycanthus is beautiful and the fragrance combination with the tea olives is a wonderful bonus.

  3. Wonderful spring colors! I love seeing what is happening at your sweet place there in GA. We've had a dip into the 50's the past two night. A nice reprieve before summer heat and humidity settle in. :-)

    Happy Spring and Happy Easter week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Everything looks so beautiful. It's still looking like winter here. I hope spring finds us soon.

  5. Oh, look at your azaleas! Just gorgeous. People grow them here (in Austin) but our soils are not really acidic enough, but in the South, they thrive. Thanks for those lovely photos!

  6. Sweet Alyssum is one of my favorite annuals, and the Gerbera already looks like a big pink smile, I think.

  7. I love sweet shrub and sweet olive. I do not have them planted together but I bet the fragrance is incredible.


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