Monday, March 30, 2015

What Happened to George Tabor?

George Tabor Azaleas have hardly any blooms this year. There is evidence there was a blossom formed, and something happened. I think it was the freezes we had that alternated with warm spells.

George Tabor, 2013.

Formosa, 2013

I did not make pics of the Azaleas without blooms, too dreary to bear. George Tabor is a sport of Formosa. When I realized George was not going to bloom other than a random blossom here and there, I looked at Formosas. They also blasted. 

Fortunately, all our eggs are not in one basket, so to speak, nor are all our flowers the same. The other Azaleas have mostly bloomed. The yellow native that was so pretty a couple of years ago failed to bloom but Alabamense had 24 clusters of white blooms and are visited by dark swallowtails, always when I am pulling weeds and have no camera in hand.

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