Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bromeliad Tree to Summer Outdoors

It took some work to get the Bromeliad Tree out of the greenhouse. I didn't remember it being that heavy when it went in. After it was out the door, I dumped it on the ground and dislodged 5 plants.

Everything was salvaged with no major harm. As these Broms were replanted another large plant was added to the pot.

The single Brom in the pot at left has signs of approaching bloom, including a brighter center and white growth in the 'cup.' All of these are descendants of the first Bromeliad I bought. Some are third generation plants.

I'm trying not to think about what to do in September when cold weather looms and the Bromeliad tree needs taking inside again.


  1. Don't think ahead to Sept. just enjoy your bit of tropical beauty every day until then. It's neat that these are all from your very first brom.

    Happy Gardening dear Jean ~ FlowerLady

  2. The plants are staged perfectly! Follow Lorraine's advice: just enjoy them now.

  3. Your tree looks terrific. I've only got a few bromeliads but seeing yours makes me think I need more...

  4. Your brom tree looks even more handsome outdoors. I agree with the others, enjoy it now and let tomorrow worry about itself. Any one of us could be hit by a bus tomorrow! In case that doesn't happen (always nice to have a back up plan) would He Who help you move your brom tree back inside?


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