Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Colors of Bloom Day

I predicted earlier in the week that Bloom Day might be mostly orange: Gerbera Daisies, Flowering Pomegranate and California Poppies.


Mme Legrelle flowering Pomegranate
Flowers only, does not make fruit.

California Poppies, now acclimatized to the Deep South.


Julia Child rose -- one of my favorites. 

Preview of Oakleaf Hydrangea to come.

White Dianthus Barbatus. There's always something colorful mixed in.

I am working towards a white garden around the greenhouse. White Gerberas and sweet Alyssum are already blooming.

We're saying goodbye to blooms of Philadelphus.

 Elsewhere it's all about the blues. Louisiana Iris.

Salvia farinacea 'Victoria' and Verbena bonariensis.

So hard not to include every blooming rose.

Knock Out Roses left to their own devices

Reine des Violettes -- I wish you could smell the fragrance, a peppery rose scent.

Join the fun: May Dreams Gardens

I hope your Bloom Day is filled with fragrance and blossoms.


  1. You have lots happening in your garden. Love that Calycanthus--I don't know that plant and I can see why the Julia Child is a favorite--gorgeous color. Enjoy your spring!

    1. Calycanthus is the old-fashioned native shrub of our childhood when we gathered blooms and tied them in a corner of a handkerchief to sniff the fruity aroma. Even the stems have a scent.

  2. Your April blooms truly are very colorful. I do love the 'Julia Child' rose - must find a place for it in my garden. Happy Bloom Day!

    1. Julia Child has performed very well in my garden while Sunny Knock Out did not fare so well.

  3. Jean, I had never heard of a flowering pomegranate before. Traditional pomegranates do well here, so perhaps it would too? It really is spectacular.

    1. I see no reason why ornamental pomegranates would not do equally well as do the fruiting trees in your climate..

  4. I love that ornamental pomegranate - it has made me question my decision to go with a Callistemon in my backyard border. I also cover the Louisiana Iris and the Philadelphus, neither of which are well-suited to my conditions in Southern California.

  5. That flowering pomegranate is gorgeous!

  6. What a treat to see all your blooms...ours are just starting but oh so glorious.

  7. Hello Jean! I look forward to following your blog and learning about a garden in a zone quite different from mine :)

  8. A lovely showing! I love the Mock Orange (Philadelphus). They have disappeared from our market. Your roses look wonderful and the deep yellow of the Julia Child is stunning. I am not fond of orange but your flowers make me want to plants some orange flowers. Happy spring!

  9. Beautiful!
    I especially like the Pomegranate
    Happy Gardening!

  10. Oh, that Calycanthus is stunning. I have scattered californian poppy seeds around the garden this year. I don't know how well they will fare in a cooler and wetter climate but time will tell.

  11. You have so many more blooms than my poor garden. It is too early for us.

    I like the idea of the white garden. I was impressed by how the white daffs stood out in our long days of cloudiness and in early morning hours. Do you have white daylilies and white iris? Of course, I know you grow vinca. I will be looking forward to seeing the white garden in bloom.

  12. Everything is beautiful but that pomegranate is exceptional! Looks like a wonderful spring in your garden.


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