Saturday, April 4, 2015

Colors of Easter in the Garden

There are no children here to hunt colored eggs, so I hunted brightly color flowers.

Bath's Pinks

Striped Camellia
Remember the wax resist we used to make striped Easter Eggs? 
A single little colorless wax crayon came in the kit.
Mostly we used it to write our names on the Eggs. 

California Poppy and a bug

By afternoon, Spiderwort 'goes to sleep' when there's sun. 
It has planted itself everywhere, easily mowed later on.

Dogwoods are an Easter staple in the Garden: the Cross, the
bloodstains, the rusty nail prints. They are fast being 
replaced with Philadelphus blossoms.

Gerbera Daisies

Buds of Flowering Pomegranate

Fading Azaleas and a Butterfly seeking nectar

Calycanthus -- note spring green leaves.

Belinda's Dream Rose

Julia Child and Eclipse

There are many buds and blooms on Red and Pink Knockouts

Seedling Camellias

Easter Lilies are always expected. These are 
Longiflorum/Asiatic Hybrids, a ways from blooms.


Loropetalum: purple foliage


Baby Pears and good-sized green Blueberries

'Miss Julie's Favorite' Pentas already planted out.


  1. Happy Easter, Jean! Thanks for sharing your Easter flowers. All so pretty. Do you get fruit on the pomegranate?

    1. These are flowering (only) pomegranates, Madame LeGrelle. I've never seen a seed pod. They are lovely in bloom, pure orange with white stripes.

  2. I envy all the blooms you have. Here in Virginia we don't have much of anything blooming yet.

  3. You had a very successful - and colorful - hunt! Happy Easter!

  4. What a colorful Easter! The pomegranate bud is as pretty as a bloom. Your roses are making me want to start with roses again. Even my Belinda's Dream perished.

  5. You are way ahead of us. Beautiful color!


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