Friday, April 10, 2015

Early Poppy Report

It is still early for Poppies' full show but some are already shedding petals.

Poppies are few this year. This is one of only 3 in 
the Fiesta Garden.

Same poppy with petals blowing in the wind.

I thought this would be a great poppy show. Hardly.

Plenty of seed went here where I thought I was 
overseeding a Daffodil bed. Not a single daffodil showed up.
Even weeds are sparse here indicating that this bed in high
oak shade is dry and needs a load of compost. 

There are some Corn Poppy plants in a bed near the highway that look good for later -- you can't see them -- and Larkspur there is already starting bloom.

California Poppy

California Poppies with what's left of red cabbages.
California Poppies are just coming on for a bigger show later.

Blame for sparse Poppies probably lies with me for not scattering more seed in richer soil. Maybe winter freezes had something to do with but I am doubtful.

First Echinacea blossom

Iris from Janie Varley's garden. Love the orange falls.


  1. I tossed poppy seeds around my new planting area a few weeks ago … we'll see !

    1. You have a little cooler spring than we do, Linda. They should be fine.

  2. Your poppies are very pretty. I've never tried growing them in Florida even though I've seen them around. What variety are they?

    1. My poppies are just pass-along seeds of Papaver somniferum, pink and maroon, now mixed. The same with California Poppies I think I bought seeds of species Eschscholzia californica years back and just keep saving the seeds. I don't know how far into Florida Poppies thrive -- we can ask Flower Lady.

      We sow Poppies in November so they get an early start and can bloom the instant warm weather breaks.

  3. My California poppies are still small seedlings, but they are pretty much the only annual poppies I can get to really thrive here. I do have a couple of perennial Oriental poppies, but I really would like some of the more fancy annual ones. I'm also kind of freaked out that you have an Echinacea blooming already.

  4. I would have thought the poppies would grow anywhere but the sparseness makes me think you are exactly right about the problem.

    I have about a half cup of saved seeds I should still broadcast somewhere. The cheat grass is so thick this year, I am worried the poppies won't make it through.

    I do love the pinks you do have.

  5. Your blooms are so far ahead of ours. Poppies can be both the most carefree and most picky of reseeding annuals! I bet you're right about the soil needing extra manure. Fortunately, the poppies you do have blooming will produce lots of seeds to scatter for next year.

  6. Just read your comment at my how to grow poppies page...
    The reason for the sparse showing is very likely related to the poor soil... Gotta treat those babies like lettuce or tomatoes!
    Very heavy feeders... Get them some horse poop!


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