Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Glimpses

It's been a week of work. Sometimes I look back and I can't see that anything was done. Today I can point out some major changes.

I think this Hippeastrum is 'Minerva' nestled among 
Phildelphus and Sassafras. If it forms an offset, I'll pot it up.

When mowing is finished, there are neat edges like along
groundcover of Confederate Jasmine uncer this dogwood.

Left to grow unrestrained, Confederate Jasmine grows
more than 35 feet up a tree. I suspect it is probably 
holding up the tree now.

Between the two previous pics, there was/is what Mama used to call a 'Growed Up Mess of grapevine, running rose, catbrier and who knew what else, all having overtaken some good sized Azaleas and my Tea Olive.

Half the mess is gone. I still have lots of clearing to do to
rescue the tea olive. On the other side, Oakleaf Hydrangea
is overgrowing its companions. I'll be pulling suckers.

Oh, Phooey, it's Dr. Huey. Again. At the other end is
Carefree Delight which I pruned last month for benefit of 
the mower. 

Nearer Carefree Delight is Salvia Farinacea and Echinacea.

Salvia farinacea appreciates ample moisture.

While i rested, I sorted through some seeds and now I 
know why there are not many Poppies and Larkspur: 
2014 seeds are still in containers. Uh Oh. I remember
scattering some seeds but I guess I stopped too soon.
This pale lavender is pretty but the dark is still my fav.

Oakleaf Hydrangea needs room, lots of room and no 
companions smaller than it is.

Purple Heart survived a hard winter as did bits of alternanthera that I added to with rooted cuttings. Roses and Daylilies in the yellow bed are blooming.

When I'd pruned all the boxwood I could stand today, I said to He-who-mows and hauls-off-clippings that it isn't finished but it's much farther along than when I started. The thing about boxwood is,  once finished it is to do again. The other thing about 50 year old boxwood is that if you pull it out you are left with enormous holes to fill. I even resorted to an electric chain saw yesterday.


  1. That is a beautiful amaryllis. You've got so many beautiful blooms in your spring garden. I like seeing Confederate jasmine climb up a tree.

  2. I wish I could say I accomplished half as much this week.

  3. I did a lot of work in the garden this week, but I think you may have me beat. I'm so astounded that you have Echinacea and daylilies blooming already.


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