Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Inner View and Outer Limits

Inner View Hemerocallis

Inner View is a daylily that I had a hard time finding companions.

Inner View 2014 in a different light.

Inner View 2015, bright sunlight.

I moved this daylily last year from a bed where it was never really happy. I had tried it other places and it didn't play well with others. It didn't like being with yellow flowers. It looked pallid with bright blue hydrangeas, worse with reds and pinks.

Yesterday I had inspiration. What about those five pots of purple heart cuttings in the greenhouse crying out for a home? Planted.

Oh, Phooey, It's Dr. Huey

Charisma Roses all died in 2013. Last summer a little rose sprout appeared where one had been. I left it, suspecting that it would not be Charisma returning. Sure enough, it is a root stock. I think they're kind of pretty and they smell like REAL roses. (I read that Dr. Huey doesn't have fragrance. I don't believe everything I read.)

Dr. Huey, introduced 1919.

Dr. Huey is not the root-stock of choice for our sandy soil. According to University of Florida, Fortuniana is more resistant to soil nematodes and dieback.

This is not a bed that needs red. Orange flowers will not mind if Dr. Huey sticks around, for a while anyway.


  1. The color combo sounds wonderful with that daylily...

  2. I would have thought blues would have been wonderful, such as salvia farinacea, a soft blue, I have one, George Caleb Bingham, that looks very similar. Have you tried a chartreuse foliage to match the green throat? Just thinking out loud here. Sometime I cut plants and carry them around before digging and moving.

  3. It's hard to believe you have daylilies already! I'm still enjoying the spring bulbs that have only recently opened up. I've given up trying to create a color scheme in my daylily bed--when they all bloom, it's pretty much a clashing kaleidoscope:) But something purple with 'Inner View' does sounds lovely.

  4. I have a similar problem with Daylily 'Chorus Line.' It has been all around my garden. When you have a final solution, Jean, please share the pictures. P. x


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