Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Crazy Plan for not Staking Tomatoes

All winter a single tomato grew in the corner of the greenhouse, supported by greenhouse benches, a piece of PVC pipe, twine and imagination.

That tomato is still producing but it will eventually come to an end. Meantime, I started 4 more at the end of January. They are reaching for the roof already.

They're set up to grow up between boards in the shelving.

Porterweed and Pentas cuttings are ready to set out in the garden.

Once tomato vines get too tall for the top shelf, boards can come out 
that they sit on on the middle shelf and the container lowered to the bottom.

The greenhouse may have to have shade put up on the west end. Temperatures are already getting high from the afternoon sun.


  1. What a gorgeous greenhouse! A joy to see so many plants looking happy and healthy.

  2. It's always a pleasure to see inside your beautiful greenhouse full of plant treasures. I saw a video on youtube about a lady in the south who grows tomatoes in a huge commercial greenhouse. They suspend a string from the top of the house and at every set of leaves, they use a plastic ring to tie the vine to the string. When I saw the price of tomato cages at the store the other day, I went searching for alternatives and found that idea which I'll use. I don't so much mind buying tomato cages but storing them is always a pain. I used the string idea by accident last fall to support my tall Begonia luxurians and it's worked like a charm.

  3. Your tomato support solution is so creative. You're absolutely right that one of the things used to support it is imagination.

  4. I think that's very creative. So, your tomatoes don't come out of the greenhouse into the garden in the summer months?

  5. How nice! I'm very jealous of your greenhouse. :)

  6. Wonderful greenhouse and amazing tomatoes still growing...

  7. About the time I think I don't need a greenhouse, you do a post of yours and I change my mind. If our winters weren't so blasted cold......

    That is a beautiful amaryllis.


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