Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rose Report

I looked back to see what was blooming and thriving this time last year. 2014  was a better year for Poppies. This year's Knock Out Roses are much bigger and showier.

Red Knock Out is 7 feet tall and Pink KO is 6 feet tall. I did not prune. Yet. After the first flush of bloom I will give good haircuts and fertilize.


At the ends of this bed are Belinda's Dream and Reine des Violettes


If I could only have one rose it would be Belinda's Dream.


I love the peppery fragrance of Reine des Violettes especially when there's a mist of rain to heighten the scent.

Above is the view that He-Who-Mows has from his equipment shed door.

Climbing Cecile Brunner has finally reached the
top of the Stick House.

Cecile Brunner's little Sweetheart Roses would have been 
perfect for a different location but here she is.

Sombrueil bloomed and has more buds. Ancient Queen Elizabeth has green buds. Eclipse and Julia Child bloomed in the Yellow Rose bed and have more buds. Sunny Knockout is barely hanging on. Grandma's Yellow Rose is yet to bloom. 

White Dawn is looking good considering that He-Who-Runs-Over-Things gave her a hard time last year. Lots of buds expected to open by Mother's Day.

Lots of my garden time lately was spent on Boxwood.
In another post we will talk about pruning facades.
Far away view of the Knock Outs.

Another look at Knock Out from the Pink end.

Oh, I almost forgot about Carefree Delight, the one rose that I did prune because it threatened the life of anyone mowing near it. It is totally carefree and starting to bloom. It always has a Mockingbird nest.

In other news, my Mule has starter and clutch problems. Parts are ordered. 


  1. You have some beautiful roses.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  2. Gorgeous roses--quite a show. The Belinda's Dream is a smashing rose, isn't it? It sulks in my hot summers, but it's the most luscious bloom of all. Love your shots!

  3. Your roses are fabulous! I hope my knock-outs get that tall and cover the fence. Belinda's Dream is a favorite of mine, too but she's slow to bloom thus year. Would love to have the Carefree rose. You don't have a cracker rose?

    1. I never ran across a cracker rose, only in photos.

  4. Your roses are looking glorious. Ours have barely started opening. Sorry that your mule is being so stubborn!

  5. Ahhhh, machinery! My trimmer refuses to start if the temperature is about 68°.

    Does He-Who-Mows appreciate the scenery? Not sure my mate would.

    The boxwood looks very like my Korean one.

    Your roses get much larger in your southern garden.

  6. Thank you all for the kind comments.

    It is surprising, but on occasion He-Who-Mows makes an appreciative statement about the roses. Sometimes he even notices something newly blooming that I haven't seen yet.


I look forward to comments and questions and lively discussion of gardening and related ideas.

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