Saturday, April 18, 2015

You Are My Sunshines

Lately we have seen sunshine for hardly more than a few minutes at a time, and frequent rain showers.

Brocaded Gown daylily bloomed today. 

Julia Child rose was blooming on Bloom Day and continues.
Spiderwort started looking seedy and pale, so I cut it to the 
ground after I made these pics.

Julia, Julia Child


Just when I thought Grandma's Yellow Rose, also known as Nacogdoches had
given up, blooms appeared.

Sunny Knock Out

Eclipse bloomed earlier in the season and now is looking less than stellar since all the rainy days. We're starting to see black spot starting. Roses need a little sunshine. Maybe next week.

Another look at my favorite yellow daylily, Brocaded Gown.

I planted rooted cuttings of Chartreuse Alternanthera today to bring a little more yellow tones out front. Marigold seedlings came up in the yellow rose bed but I think they may be orange. No matter. White Pentas are coming back from roots. I have another couple of cuttings to plant there.


  1. When you're getting a lot of rainy, gray days, bright yellow or orange flowers make great brighten-uppers.

  2. Your garden must be enjoying the rain. The yellows certainly do brighten up the place. Very cheerful.

  3. We need some of your rain down here. It keeps being predicted but ...

    You have some cheery yellows in your gardens.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Yellow flowers pop beautifully against gray skies! For the next few days, we're getting your sunshine and warm temps then back to rain for a while. Your floral rays of sunshine are gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful flowers in my favorite color. I'm envious of your roses - and your rain.

  6. So pretty! Your plants are so far ahead of ours here. My daylilies are only about 5 inches out of the ground now...but I am sure happy to see them! Looking forward to blooms like yours! I know just a few short weeks from now, we will be in full spring bloom! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my Bachmans House post! I appreciate it!

  7. We are getting similar rains....not a lot of amount but almost daily showers. Makes it hard to mow or spray anything. No roses or daylilies here yet, but one lonely iris.

  8. I am very partial to yellow daylilies, and Brocaded Gown is a pretty one. You had daylilies in bloom when I still had snow on the ground in my garden. Still another couple of months to wait for daylilies here. -Jean


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